Your Top Oil Change FAQs

Oil being poured during oil change service

Your Top Oil Change FAQs

The Importance of An Oil Change

An oil change service is one of the most vital services that you can perform for your vehicle. Your oil is like the blood that runs through your veins; it ensures that your engine can live. Your engine oil is responsible for reducing friction between the hundreds of moving parts in your engine, and ensuring that they do not overheat and become damaged. Ensuring that your car receives regular oil changes not only ensures that your motor operates optimally, but also helps it run more reliably by reducing friction and promoting longevity. Find out how regular oil changes protect your engine parts in this engine oil FAQ.

When to Change Your Car’s Oil

How often you’ll need an oil change depends on a few factors: how often you drive, your driving conditions, and whether you use conventional, or synthetic oil. Conventional oil has a rather limited shelf life, only providing lubrication and protection from excess wear for roughly 3,000-5,000 miles. However synthetic oil features the ability to lubricate longer and provide better protection, lasting anywhere from 10,000 to 12,000 miles, which allows some drivers to perform oil changes only once per year.

Conventional and Synthetic Oil Are Not the Same

Conventional motor oils are refined from crude oil that has been fracked from deep within the earth. This oil provides lubrication and protection for your engine for roughly three to five months or up to 5,000 miles. Some manufacturers take conventional oil and add their own formula of detergents or lubricants to help protect your engine. These oils with added synthetic ingredients are known as synthetic blend oil. This type of oil is beneficial for high mileage engines that need extra protection from breakdown and friction.

Synthetic oil is formulated in a lab from chemical compounds designed to lubricate and protect the internal parts of your engine. Because this type of oil is completely engineered, it provides superior protection and performance over conventional oil. Synthetic oil is the recommended oil for many high-performance engines due to its superior ability to protect your engine and keep up with the demands of heat and friction that brutal driving conditions may incur.

Give Your Vehicle the Service it Deserves

At Arrigo CDJR we provide quality oil change services for all Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM vehicles. Whether you’re coming to us for a Jeep oil change or a RAM truck oil service, our technicians are highly trained and certified and know your vehicle from bumper to bumper. Not only will we drain your old oil, but we’ll refill it with the proper oil per manufacturer recommendations.

For all of your oil change and other maintenance needs, trust our experts here at Arrigo Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM Fort Pierce to get the job done right. Here, we ensure your vehicle’s longevity by using genuine OEM parts, while we ensure your satisfaction by providing superior customer service.

Click here to schedule service and discover the difference here at Arrigo CDJR Fort Pierce today. We proudly serve drivers throughout the greater Fort Pierce, FL area, including Port St. Lucie, Stuart, Vero Beach, and beyond.

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