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Arrigo Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Ft. Pierce Service Center

Where to Cover Your Auto Repair Needs in Ft. Pierce

Looking to get a fast, precise, and quality auto repair or maintenance on your vehicle? Stop by Arrigo Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, where we cover virtually all your automotive needs—from oil change service to wheel alignments and much more. What’s more, is that all our techs are factory-trained by Mopar® and understand precise measurements and how to use modern tools to help get your auto repairs right the first time. Even if you don’t drive an FCA vehicle, we’re still happy to assist any way we can. Get started now by scheduling your auto repair and RAM truck service online with Arrigo Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Ft. Pierce today to help keep your ride cruising in premium condition.

Engine check up services at Arrigo CDJR of Fort Pierce

Fixing Your Car Issues—Serious, Minor, Big, Small, and More

Noticing your car idling at red lights, but you’re not sure of the cause? Or maybe you’re having belt issues under your hood? Whatever the problem, the mechanics at Arrigo Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Ft. Pierce Service Center are always happy to take a look and work their hardest to help find a fix. Even if it’s a simple part replacement, we’ll assist with no questions asked. For staying on top of your auto repairs, schedule service today.

Oil change service available at Arrigo CDJR of Ft. Pierce

Smooth Out Your Drives with Oil Change Service

To keep your engine maxing out its performance while delivering a ride as smooth as the day you drove it off the lot, you’ll need to schedule an oil change (about every 3,000 – 5,000 miles). We have everything from synthetic to conventional and high mileage oil to optimize your driving at your pace and style. Plus, you can’t go wrong with lubricating your engine’s inner workings while removing sludge, debris, and contaminants to help your ride remain ultra-responsive. For any questions about what oil works best for your individual make, model, and driving needs, speak with a member of our team—we’re always eager to assist.

Mopar Repairs: Letting the Certified Pros Take a Look

When you schedule service with us, only technicians factory-trained by Mopar examine and work on your ride, ensuring they understand the exact amounts of oil to pour, what models need which parts, and how to use modern tools for fast and efficient repairs. Plus, we only use genuine Mopar OEM parts that match the factory-quality of your original products—meaning you can trust the brands we use without needing to question the quality or fit.

Brake check service

Taking a “Brake” at Our Service Center

Not even the most advanced driver assists can keep up with the safety of your brakes—which is why it’s critical to ensure they’re working at their peak condition. When you take your vehicle in to our service center in Fort Pierce, we’ll examine everything from the pads and calipers to your rotors. We’ll even let you know when it’s a good time to replace specific components so that you can stop where you plan without excess sliding or obnoxious and embarrassing screeching sounds.

Battery replacement and check

Recharge Your Drives with Battery Service

Having trouble getting your motor to crank? Or maybe you’re noticing issues with your electrical work. Either way, you’ll want to let our technicians take a look at your battery—since that’s usually the cause of these problems. Generally, you’ll want to replace your battery every three years (even if you’re not noticing issues) to help you avoid getting stranded in a parking lot or on the side of the road. When you take your vehicle to our Jeep service center, our techs can inspect your battery and let you know if you need a replacement, or if your auto problems are elsewhere in your ride.

Wheel alignment service

How to Maximize Your Grip at Our Tire Center

When it’s time to repair or replace your tires, our tire center covers nearly everything you need with a variety of brands and styles—pick the one that best fits your pace and driving demands. Not sure if it’s time to replace your tires? Grab a penny from your pocket and insert it head-first into your tread groove—if you see the 16th president’s head, it’s time for a tire replacement. If you’re still not sure, let one of our technicians look at your tires, and we’ll let you know if your tread is wearing too low.

Tire change service available at Arrigo CDJR of Ft. Pierce

Straightening Out Your Rides: One Wheel Alignment at a Time

If you’re feeling a jerking to one side of the road when you want to go straight (or need to turn your wheel to remain straight), take your car in for a wheel alignment. By altering the angles of your wheels, our technicians can help you notice boosted fuel economy, improved tire life (since your tread can now wear evenly), and controlled drives where you go where the wheel is pointed. Get started with the elevated cruises today by scheduling service online at Arrigo Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Ft. Pierce.

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